Thursday, July 14, 2016

6 Easy Habits to Simplify Your Life

Momming is hard. Whether you're a stay at home, working, or work at home, it's hard work! There is always a million and one things to remember and keep up with at any given time and it can get overwhelming and stressful. Creating habits that will simplify your life and make it less stressful is a lot easier than it sounds. Once you get started, you'll wonder why you weren't doing things that way all along (I spent longer than I'd like to admit working harder instead of smarter and staying exhausted and stressed out all of the time).

Utilize Shopping Lists

I'm a total list person (sometimes I even remember to bring them with me to the store). Taking inventory of what you already have and writing down the things that you need helps to avoid unnecessary purchases at the store, and helps you to not leave with everything but what you came for (I am very guilty of this when I forget my list!).

Meal Planning

Meal planning goes hand in hand with list making, it's much easier to make your list and know exactly what you will (and won't) need if you have a plan ahead of time. I like to try to, at least, plan our family dinners in two-week blocks; it helps make busy days go much smoother knowing what I'm going to make for dinner and saves us a bunch of money in the process. Check out these free printable meal planners to help you get started.

Keep a Planner to Simplify Your Life

My planner is absolutely essential to my life, I would be completely lost without it! Before I started keeping a planner it felt as if I were just spinning my wheels most of the time. It's where I keep just about everything for daily life: cleaning schedules, gardening days, meal plans, budgets...essentially my whole life! Mine is a basic three ring binder because I like the flexibility of being able to add and remove pages and printables, but there are also some great pre-made options on amazon.

Go to Bed Earlier

Getting enough sleep is something that I struggle with immensely, it's very difficult to balance the desire for a good night sleep with the desire to have some time for myself. When I spend a little too long taking advantage of the latter, binge watching TV shows until one in the morning, everyone definitely suffers for it the following day. I have to consciously balance the amount of time I stay up after Littleman goes to bed by spending about 30 minutes doing a final tidy of the house and about one-hour watching TV with Ben; then it's bedtime no matter what (for the health and safety of everyone the next day!).

Declutter and Organize

When things are cluttered and disorganized around me, I get very anxious and overwhelmed. It feels very claustrophobic and have a difficult time feeling motivated to do just about anything. Making sure that my home is organized and clutter free helps to keep me in a positive state of mind and feel motivated to tackle other aspects of my day.

Clean as You Go

Once your space is organized and decluttered, the best way to keep it that way is to clean as you go. It is far less overwhelming to put things back and tidy as you are done with something than to let everything pile up until the end of the day. Another easy way to accomplish this is to take 15 minutes every hour or so to do a quick tidy to ensure that you aren't left with an overwhelming mess when all you really want to do is relax.

What are your top tips for having a simpler and less stressful life?

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