Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Not So Secret Upside of Homesteading

homesteading benefits
Hey, y'all! I am running late with everything this week. Littleman had his kindergarten screening, and I have just been a nervous wreck! Did I read to him enough? Did we do enough counting? How about his letters and sounds? And why didn't I teach him like 5 more languages?!? Thankfully he totally rocked it (all him, not me.... I am pretty sure that I would be the world's worst teacher!), and I can go back to worrying about whether or not  I cleaned toilet or watered the garden instead of whether or not I've ruined my child's educational future before it has even begun. 
Anyways, last week I had written about the secret downside of homesteading, to prove that I am really not a homestead hater,  that homesteading and self-sufficiency is something worthwhile I'd like to talk about what I find to be the best parts of homesteading.

Baby Animals

Starting here because, yeah, baby animals. First of all, they are just so darn cute and squeezy that you can't not love them. There is also an almost indescribably awesome feeling of raising an animal from a baby and then watching them grow up and have their own baby, and having them let you be a part of it. I imagine that it's a lesser version of the pride that comes with being a grandparent.

Pride of Production

There is a sense of pride that comes from looking at a pantry or a dinner table and knowing that you had a hand in every part of the production of that food from start to finish that can be pretty hard to compare to. The knowledge you were handed a seed and nurtured it into sustenance for your family feels pretty amazing. There are very few things that taste better than something that you produced yourself (except cheesecake... it doesn't matter how hard I worked to grow a tomato, cheesecake still wins. But even cheesecake is made better when it's made from ingredients you produced yourself :-) )

Control Over Your Own Food Supply

No matter how you prefer your food, whether it be completely organic, simply non-GMO, or if you just want to know exactly what chemicals you're eating, growing it and raising it yourself gives you (almost) complete control over it (which works out great for my fellow control freaks out there!). 

Learning Experience 

One of the biggest reasons that we moved away from the suburbs was to give Littleman a life and experiences that simply weren't achievable there. The city was encroaching quickly and turning a once quiet and almost ruralesque area into a bustling space with no room to breath (let alone garden and raise anything other than a dog or cat). Growing up on a homestead teaches responsibility, work ethic, patience, and the value of everything around you in a way that can't be replicated in your average classroom. It also gives us the space to allow for some freedom to explore and experience that childhood wonder in a way that we were unable to provide on 1/3 of an acre with some questionable neighbors and a nearby busy road. 
Need a few more reasons to love homesteading? I love this post from Shaye of The Elliot Homestead about the benefits of homesteading (Great Benefits of Homesteading)and this one from My Healthy Green Family (5 Good Reasons You Should Start Homesteading Now)

What are the things that you love most about homesteading?

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