Thursday, July 14, 2016

Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to do Chores

how to get your kids to do chores
Getting Littleman to do chores, help out, or just generally pick up after himself used to be an all out battle. It would seem as though he would have all of the energy in the world, that is until I asked him to clean his room, pick up his dirty dishes, or anything that slightly resembled a chore. As soon as I would request his help in some way, he would suddenly become "sooo tired."  I tried insisting, yelling and even threatening, from time to time (ok, frequently!). Not much seemed to make the chore scenario go smoothly until I changed my approach. 

Offer Incentives

We started using a chore chart for Littleman. Every time he completes one of his chores he gets a sticker, and if he gets all of his stickers he earns a reward. Knowing that the only way to earn his reward is to do all of his chores without Mommy having to fuss at him has reduced the yelling and whining to almost zero, and helped me to stick to my goal of trying to be a non-yelling mommy.

Make it a Game

During the times that a little extra incentive is needed, turning chores into a game seems to work wonders. Our go-to is usually to race and see who can get their chore done the fastest. Anytime there is some sort of competition involved, Littleman is all over it. I bet you can't guess who usually wins. ;-)

Bring on the Music

Music tends to make everything a little better, and chores are no exception. We almost always throw on some music during chore time to lighten the mood up a bit and to make things feel a little less mundane. Littleman especially loves it when we throw on some silly fast-paced music while we are racing. Even when we aren't racing, he gets a kick out of it when we get really into singing along with the songs (for the record, I am definitely not meant to be a singer!).

Set an Example

The absolute best way to get a child to do chores is for them to see you doing chores (really, seeing you do something is the best way to get a child to do just about anything... good or bad.). Introducing Littleman to chores was made so much easier by the fact that he had already seen me (and his daddy) taking part in doing chores and doing our part to keep a clean and smoothly running home. Even during the times when he was "sooo tired," reminding him that his daddy does chores was almost always a golden ticket (He's a daddy's boy, all the way!).

How do you get your kids to do chores?

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