Thursday, July 14, 2016

How to Create a Happier Home

create happy home
A positive and happy home is something that almost all of us strive for. As a parent, the responsibility falls on us to create a positive, stable, and secure home environment for our children as these are vital to creating a happier life for them and for us. Creating a happier home for our children starts with creating one for ourselves as children tend to be very sensitive to their parents' emotional states. A few simple changes and strategies can make all the difference in how your home feels.

Spend less time doing and more time being

Keeping a set schedule for the mundane necessary tasks around the home will allow more time to enjoy your home and have a fun time with your family and hobbies.

Keep home clean and decluttered

Mess and clutter can make any space feel overwhelming and just it's presence can make you feel drained and unmotivated. (Get the kids to help out and do their chores.)

Choose soothing colors

Colors have a very powerful effect on the mind and choosing colors that are overly loud or dark, in excess (we all love a fun splash of color here and there, but when it becomes the main or only color in the room it can be excessive) can have a negative effect on your mood. Keeping a neutral pallet with some splashes of color throughout is generally ideal.

Utilize pleasant smells

Smell is one of our most powerful senses and a pleasant smell can change your whole mood (so can a stinky one!). Keeping fresh flowers, scented candles, or baking something yummy are my favorite ways to keep my home smelling nice and homey.

Find the funny

Laughing releases all kinds of feel good hormones. Just a few seconds of laughter can activate your body's relaxation response, relieving stress and brightening your mood. So, put on a funny movie and have a good giggle with the family.

Let go and let God

Holding onto stress isn't healthy and can create a very tense and negative feeling within the home (that children, in particular, are bound to pick up on). Take a few minutes to talk to God about the worries that are plaguing you, and let them go with him.

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